Audi RS7 2020

New Audi RS7 Offers Up A Rousing Rendition

The forthcoming 2020 Audi RS7 Sportback we now know will carry a V8 unit, the one incidentally missing on the new S6 models as well as the S7 Sportback. How do we know this?  Simple a video has emerged of footage showing the new powerhouse flexing it’s muscle and for those of us that get more than a little excited by these things, the new RS7 was singing out from it’s V8 loud and proud for us all to listen to.


Power Points

The 4.0 Ltr twin-turbo engine provides some awesome power, let us remember that the old model (RS7) already pushes out 605bhp but we expect Audi to somehow manage to up that to around the 650bhp from the 8 cylinder block, an impressive 20 extra BHP on top of what drivers get from the AMGGT 63S 4 Door Coupe, it would also likely be more powerful than the upcoming M8 Gran Coupe.

We saw the new RS7 back in Nov 2017 undergoing its initial series of road testing and a mid/late 2019 reveal is expected if the Audi product roadmap we saw is still accurate, so as it stands the new powerful saloon should take its place in the lineup not long after the S7 offering.




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