Audi Promote The R8 And Pay Tribute To Bowie In New Superbowl Ad

Continuing what has become something of a theme for Audi, the German luxury carmaker has a Moon-themed ad running in the first quarter of the Super Bowl this weekend.

It’s called “The Commander” and it shows a retired astronaut, quietly reminiscing at home about his interplanetary journey from long ago. But, according to Audi, he can recapture his youth by driving his son’s Audi R8.

OK, a little ridiculous, but it’s a TV ad and it’s fine. What’s interesting is Audi’s continued use of the Moon in its marketing. There’s the virtual reality tool that Audi has built for its dealerships that lets you put a car on the Moon, the wonderful moon rover that the company has sponsored, and now this ad.

Audi marks its eighth showing at the Super Bowl with a well-timed spot for the R8 coupe set to David Bowie’s 1972 single “Starman.” The singer passed away last month at the age of 69.

An elderly man sits quietly in his chair, refusing food and musing about his younger days as an astronaut, meeting the president and traveling to the moon. His son helps him recapture a bit of that lost glory when he offers the keys to his Audi R8. For a moment, the man is his former self, and they speed off into the night as the music swells

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