Audi’s ‘flagship’ Q8 set to take on luxury SUV market

Audi are set to take on the likes of Range Rover, BMW and Mercedes with a top-of-the-range luxury SUV touted for release early in 2018.
The Audi Q8 won’t veer too far away from the German automaker’s Q7, but instead of the Q7’s seven seats, it will only contain space for five passengers. The Q8 will be sleeker than its predecessor, too.

This new luxury model isn’t the only addition to Audi’s SUV showroom. The Q8 follows on from the Q2 mini-SUV and the announcements of a smaller Q1 and a mid-sized Q4. With an electric Q6 e-tron also due for release in the coming months, it seems that Audi has the aforementioned market leaders well and truly in its sights.

Audi Q8 features

According to early reports, the Q8 will be the first Audi SUV to sport an octagonal grille, a feature which will become standard on all future Q models. Up until now, all Audi models have featured a hexagonal grille.

As befits its status as a top of the range model, the Q8 will benefit from full-width rear lights and split-level front lights, with additional light features hidden inside the front bumper’s air vent.

Audi Q8 technology

‘Self-driving’ is the buzzword in automotive technology at the moment, and the Q8 comes fully kitted up with semi-autonomous features, as well as electric-powered turbo-chargers and full hybrid power.

Audi are aiming to position the Q8 in its own niche on the market. Bosses at the automaker see it as a sportier option than Mercedes’ GLS and the BMW X7, but offering more space than the Mercedes’ GLE Coupe and the BMW X6.

Rupert Stadler, CEO of Audi, sees the Q8 as a luxury brand leader, believing that “the way the market is going, we see the Q8 sitting alongside the A8 as our two luxury flagships.”

The Audi Q8 isn’t set to be released until at least the end of next year, although Audi were spied testing it in July 2016. The car, being manufactured at Audi’s Ingolstadt parent plant, is set to be priced at around £100,000 – so there’s plenty of time for you to start saving!

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