Audi Q6 Confirmed For 2018 Production

And it will be a new member of the e-tron family.

The model will be badged as the Q6, and will take heavy influence from Audi’s e-tron quattro concept that was revealed at the Frankfurt motor show last year.

The carmaker has confirmed that the new model will use three electric motors and a quick charging, high‑capacity battery to “offer a maximum of sportiness, driving dynamics and efficiency”. It is claimed to be capable of eeking out more than 500 kilometres (311 miles) from a single charge.

At 192.1 inches long and 76.0 inches wide, it slots neatly between the Q5 and the Q7, although, at 60.6 inches tall, it sits significantly lower than both of those models. With a coupelike roofline, an octagonal grille, and futuristic lighting elements that use OLED and laser technology, the concept moves the needle forward for Audi design. The grille’s five bright horizontal strips represent a new design signifier for Audi’s e-tron cars that will be shared with other future electric, hybrid, and hydrogen-fueled cars. The drag coefficient is said to be a low 0.25, and the concept is fitted with a number of spoilers, flaps, and side skirts that are automatically extended at speed to improve aerodynamics.

First cars will be built in 2018; could cost £60k and produce as much as 496bhp; e-tron quattro concept offers us a glimpse of what’s to come

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