Audi Q5 One Of The Top 10 Slowest Depreciating Cars In The UK

New price: £32,130-£51,845
Average percentage retained After 3 Years: 59 per cent

The new Audi Q5 is currently one of the most sought after Audis in the UK in fact it is one of the countries top ten cars for retaining it’s value.

More of a ‘crossover’ than a traditional 4×4, the Q5 offers a car-like driving experience and when purchased new in 2009 with all it’s finery would have been the must have drivearound for all up and coming professionals or at least those with half an eye on the Q7, today that same Q5 with average mileage and in good condition could still atain a great part exchange price.

 Facelifted in 2012, the Q5’s enduring desirability is a testament to both its engineering strength and great on-road performance, as well as the premium brand image that Audi’s marketing department has worked so hard to nurture.

Top 10 slowest depreciating cars

  1. 1. Porsche Macan
  2. 2. Ferrari 488 GTB Coupe
  3. 3. Range Rover Sport
  4. 4. Range Rover Evoque
  5. 5. Lexus NX
  6. 6. Range Rover
  7. 7. Porsche Cayenne
  8. 8. Audi Q5
  9. 9. BMW X4
  10. 10. Alfa Romeo 4C
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