Audi’s Newest Tarmac Chewing Beastie – The 367HP RS Q3 PERFORMANCE

It started out as a crossover vehicle, but the Audi RS Q3 Performance is certainly becoming more of a hot hatch in performance terms see this page.

In fact, this latest incarnation can get to 62mph just one tenth of a second slower than a BMW M3. Not bad for what vaguely looks like a soft-roader.

Audi have taken the Q3 RS and added 27bhp and 11ft lb of torque. This should give a 0-62mph of just 4.4sec.

Positioned on the sportier side of Audi’s S-line models, RS cars are the fully monty. In the case of the RS Q3, this means a turbocharged five-cylinder engine spinning all four tires via Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system, the unusual engine sounds absolutely great, and its performance is amazing, too.

The hottest Q3 is littered with design cues shared with other RS models like the RS7 and RS5, and it sports a performance-tuned suspension and 19- or 20-inch wheels. All of that, of course, carries over to the refreshed-for-2016 model; all that is new is a handful of updated Q3 styling tweaks that align the RS with the just-updated Q3 and, enticingly, a 30-hp bump to 340. The power increase drops Audi’s claim for the RS Q3’s zero-to-62-mph sprint from 5.2 to just 4.4 seconds, while the crossover’s top speed remains governed at 155 mph.

Audi has spruced up the cabin by adding a specific instrument cluster with gray faces, white dials, and red needles, as well as black leather upholstery with dark blue contrast stitching on the seats and on the three-spoke, flat-bottomed steering wheel. Carbon fiber trim on the door panels, on the center console, and on the dashboard adds an additional dash of sportiness to the cockpit.

You can expect to see the new Q3 RS at next months Geneva Motor Show as well as the long awaited Q2 introduction


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