Audi to unleash the Q2 before the end of the year

Audi looks set to unleash a brand new model before the end of the year. The Q2 is a small crossover vehicle which slots in beneath the Q3 to become the new entry-level choice.
Not only will the Q2 be the cheapest and smallest of the Q series, it’s also the most unique of the bunch, too. Audi has purposely styled the Q2 to appear differently to its current crop of crossovers and SUVs, giving it a more youthful look to appeal to younger generations.

Fresh design

The small frame of the Q2 has been carefully designed in order to appear as hunched and aerodynamic as possible, and the high shoulder line in combination with a rear-sloping roof makes the Q2, sleek, slightly sexy and a sight to behold.

Skid plates and rustic cladding have also been added and these can be customised and colour coded to match or clash with the body of the car.

audi q2 image

It’s not just the exterior aesthetics that boast a radical change, however – inside and under the hood are expected to be more customisable than previous models in order to further the appeal of the vehicle and to make it stand out in the crowd.

The interior is more in keeping with the A3 than the Q3, taking cues from the horizontal patterns which adorn many newer Audi models. Of course, for those who want to mix it up a little, there are plenty of customisation options allowing buyers to get creative with a variety of colours and materials.

Improved driving experience

In order to enhance the experience, all Q2s come with a 7” infotainment screen atop the dashboard, which is controlled via buttons and a rotary dial next to the gear lever. The screen acts as a user interface for everything from radio station selection to USB/Bluetooth playback and satellite navigation.

Audiophiles will want to upgrade to a Bang & Olufsen sound system, and technology mad drivers are likely to opt for the Audi Virtual Cockpit – a second infotainment screen measuring a whopping 12.3 inches, which replaces the manual instruments behind the wheel.

Prices for the Audi Q2, which is set to hit UK markets in November, start at £20,230 for a 1.0 litre TFSI.

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