Audi Q2 Get’s Dirty In Latest Teaser Video and The Q2 Moniker Appears To Be Confirmed Too

A new week, a new Audi Q2 Teaser, this time Audi’s new sub-compact crossover also appears to have it’s name confirmed with the tag line at the end stating

#Untaggable The New Audi Q2

Audi are also showing off it’s off road potential in the latest short movie, the four-ring brand is not yet ready to pull the covers off its newest crossover, the Q2, but it will next week, as it is scheduled to debut in Geneva.

Meanwhile, the teasing game continues and after we saw it a few days ago leaving the tarmac and driven on gravel,filmed from above, it’s now time to take a look at it from another angle, in a foggy video that keeps a mystery flare.

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