Audi Claim Q2 and Q4 Monikers At Last

FCA finally agrees to let Audi use its trademarked names opening the way for new Audi SUV and crossover models

Here on the UK’s most popular Audi Blog we admit to getting just a little excited about this years Q2 launch, now all seems to be sorted out regarding the naming rights issue,

With the exception of Q2 and Q4, Audi had trademarked all names from Q1 to Q9 but not the Q2 and Q4 ones, which were in Fiat Chrysler’s possession.
After the later strongly objected to their use in Ingolstadt’s Q2 and Q4 upcoming SUVs, it seemed that the Germans were looking for alternatives.

This search is now over, as Audi CEO Rupert Stadler announced that the two automakers eventually reached an agreement.

Audi has swapped trademarks with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to snare the rights to the Q2 and Q4 badges for upcoming crossover SUVs.

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler confirmed at the Detroit Motor Show that the brand had finally persuaded FCA to release the two names – allowing Audi to lock up the Q1 to Q9 badges for its growing SUV family.

Audi already plans to drop the Q2 name onto its MQB-based city crossover this year, while the Q4 badge will slot onto the rump of a “coupe” version of the next Q3.

We know there will be an Audi Q2 arriving in 2016, because Audi told us so. But what we didn’t know is how Audi were going to manage to brand their new crossover Q2 – rather than Q1 – when Alfa Romeo owns the Q2 name.

Not only is the Q2 moniker Alfa’s property, so too is the equally desirable – certainly for Audi – Q4 badge, which has presented Audi with something of a problem when their whole crossover/SUV nomenclature is based on the ‘Q’ badge. But it looks like there’s been a resolve.

Georg Kacher – a man who knows his way round the hidden alleys and pathways of the motor industry – reports in Car Magazine that Audi has done a deal with Alfa Romeo, and the Q2 and Q4 monikers are now nicely tucked up in Ingolstadt, all ready to adorn the next wave of Audi’s butch models.

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