Leaked Audi ‘RoadMap’ Indicates An R8 V6 For 2018 – But Probably No Q2 For The

Based on the information that appears on Audi’s leaked ‘RoadMap’ image, shown above, the R8 V6 is due in 2018. The rest of the product map seems to square with vehicles we know are in the pipeline. We spied the SQ7, A5, and R8 Spyder previously, and the TT RS a few months ago. We told you in December a new Q5 is on the way, too. We just also heard a credible rumors that the both the RS3 is on the way in 2017 as a 2018 model, that model may even head over to America and the Q1 is not dead in the water either with a release possible prior to 2018, which squares with what we’re seeing here. And we drove the Q7 E-Tron in 2015 – it’s going on sale in Europe soon. This graphic puts the on-sale date as October 2017; that could be for the US market.

Also there is no mention of the upcoming Q2, could this mean that the ‘RoadMap’ is for the US, thus backing up rumours that they will not get this new sub-compact SUV?  Probably due to it’s size, if not.

It also probably means that Audi is making good on its previous comments about slipping a V6 into the R8, of which Audi’s Roland Schala told Top Gear was “perfect for this kind of car”, and also perfect for the Chinese market. The smart money is on a pair of turbos coming with that new V6, as that is what Audi is doing with the new RS4.

Uncovered by Autobahn, the document confirms previous rumors that the German automaker would introduce an R8 V6, largely due to demand for smaller displacement engines in China.

Details about just which V6 engine the supercar will receive aren’t known, but according to reports from 2015, it could be a similar twin-turbo setup that’s expected in the next-generation RS4 and RS5, delivering in the region of 425 hp.

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