Audi Superbike Concept

Now the idea of Audi entering the superbike arena is not a new one with rumours going back at least four years to my knowledge but for some reason I have never got around to posting the images of their concept here on Audi Blog, so I thought I would put that right today.

audi superbike concept

If you love innovation, smooth sleek and futuristic design with unique technical features and of course be fan of two wheel riding, then the Audi RR concept bike coud be right up your street.

The design is a piece of conceptual art and definitley has an air of ‘brand Audi’ about it. Unfortunately this motorcycle design is not yet in production (And may never be to be honest) but nonetheless I would suggest this proposed hybrid superbike could add to the strength and an exciting new arena for the Audi brand, which already has proven itself in car designs for boldness and innovation.

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