Brrrr New Audi A4 caught taking first steps in the snow

The latest in the successful line of Audi A4’s has been spotted playing out in the snow prior to it’s 2017 launch.

The model was originally referred to as the Q4, however a trademark dispute with Fiat — which holds the rights to the terms Q2 and Q4 — has inspired the company to opt for TTQ.

“By taking the TTQ route, we avoid the confrontation with Fiat, we don’t overcrowd the Q corral, and we add a fresh twist to the TT theme,” an unnamed Audi senior manager told Car.

Unveiled at the 2014 Beijing show, the TTQ borrows from the TT’s overall design but in a taller crossover form. The concept was previewed with a hybrid drivetrain, pairing a 2.0-liter TFSI engine with a compact electric motor, however it is unclear if the same configuration will be used for the production edition.

The latest report places the TTQ’s market arrival sometime in 2017.

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