Audi’s 2018 Replacement A1 Gets The Render Treatment

The current A1 max’s out at with the 228 hp S1 and the A1 is also a good all-rounder backed up by sales throughout the range. That said it is also six-years old now and Audi is naturally working on its replacement. No details about the second-generation A1 are known, and given that the facelifted model arrived in late 2014, we presume it will show up next year at the earliest.

With Audi engineers currently fixated on the SUV range, Audi’s little A1 hasn’t been getting any attention lately. We’re afraid that between now and 2018, which is when the all-new model comes out, there won’t be many updates but a lot could change in that time, especially the design language of a company, so the next A1 could end up looking like this!

Theophilus Chin has put together an engaging rendering for the next A1 3-door hatchback. The front is where all the changes have been concentrated, as the German supermini has been gifted with the headlights of an Audi A1 and the sharp air intakes of the Prologue concept car.

Audi being Audi, it’s not that hard to guess that the shape won’t be drastically different. The biggest styling change will be the implementation of the firm’s new single-frame grille, first previewed by the Prologue concept. Additionally, we can expect to see even sharper headlights to give the hatchback some added road presence as well as redesigned air intakes and bumpers.

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