2017 Audi A4 AllRoad Bloggers Review

Heading towards December and winter has most definitely taken hold, in short we need to protect ourselves from the harsh weather and throw on a couple more layers of padding, much the same as Audi have achieved with their new A4 AllRoad Model that I managed to get hold of and put through it’s paces.

2017 audi allroad review audi 2017 allroad review

Prices kick off at just under £36,000 with the options of a 2.0 litre diesel with 148 or 187bhp and a 3.0 litre diesel with 218 or a hearty 268bhp.

There is also an 120kg weight saving compared to the outgoing A4 Allroad model, although I found the basic diesel is fine and the 187bhp version supplies an excellent combination of economy and power.

Economy doesn’t suffer much from the extra size and power – the 3.0 litre averages 52.3mpg compared to 57.6mpg for the 2.0 litre. My car came with eight speed Tiptronic transmission. You can use paddles to change gear but I found it best to let the car make the changes, which it does almost seamlessly. Ride is first rate and handling is much better than in any SUV.

In essence the new AllRoad is an A4 Avant on steroids with the addition of various off-road driving modes and Quattro four-wheel drive, Audi’s AllRoad predominantley aimed at those who need extra sticking power from the circular rubber boots in winter but don’t feel the need to splash out on of of the German car manufacturers ever increasing range of SUV’s.

A smaller and now younger version of it’s sibling, the larger A6 Allroad, the A4 can easily carry five inhabitants, with a great boot area to store any amount of Hunter boots and associated luggage.

audi a4 allroad 2017 interior


If you feel the need (Or have) to outlay a bit of extra wonga, you can further improve your christmas treat by getting the top 3.0 litre V6 diesel version.

With almost 270bhp and plenty of torque to spare it pulls away from a standing start like a thoroughbred racehorse, with the slighest hint of downward pressure on the right pedal.

Now Audi has got previous when it comes to piling in with added extras when it comes to sending out demo cars to press and bloggers alike and this one was no exception with an improved but additional cost stereo to enhanced suspension it had almost everything your heart could possibly desire.

Audi, as you would expect are still supplying outstanding interior cabins that rival Jaguar’s new F-Pace (Yes I know it is an SUV) and the new Volvo AllRoad competitor models.

The Interior including the drivers cockpit has a real feel of luxury to it with all surfaces classy yet robust and switches and dials are exactly as you would expect.

Instead of a touchscreen, which is risky to use on the move, there’s an intuitive rotary dial that can be operated without looking away from the road.

Now nobody is trying to say that any prospective owner will not be paying extra over less premium brands such as VW and Skoda but to my mind – A little biased if I am honest – the new A4 allroad is worth every penny.


From £38,815


5.5 seconds

Top speed:




CO2 emissions:


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